Nova Clinic


Nova Aesthetic Clinic is an elite laser and skin clinic located in Greenwich, London. They offer bespoke medical and aesthetic treatments to high-end clients. My role was to research and redesign their website, create new consistent visual identity, film and edit several promotional videos. I worked closely alongside their entire management team, their doctors and their aesthetic practitioners, which helped me to better understand their business and their customers, which in turn gave me a lot of valuable ideas on how to proceed with the redesign.

Design Tools / UX Methods Used

Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Miro, Flowmapp, User Personas, Competitor Analysis, User Journey Mapping, Cardsorting, Flow maps, Low-fidelity wireframes, High-fidelity prototypes

User Personas

Because Nova Clinic’s aesthetic practitioners interact closely with their customers on a daily basis, I began the project by having a meeting with them. We collaboratively created 2 user personas that I used as a reference point throughout the entire project.

User Journey

In order to draw a clearer picture of their customer’s decision making process, I created a user-journey map, displaying the entire process from being aware that they want a treatment, to booking an appointment.

Card Sorting

After extracting the UI features from those websites, and doing additional research, I did a card sorting exercise with the manager of the clinic and one of their doctors, to pinpoint the main ones that we want to include in Nova’s website.

Flow Map

I created a flow map, in order to display the journey of their customers across their website with the aim of optimising the conversion rate.

Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Furthermore I used the key findings of my research, in order to create solid evidence-based low-fidelity wireframes, using Adobe XD.

Visual Identity

I had a meeting with the owner, the manager, and the lead doctor of the clinic, and since they were happy with the produced work, I moved on to build a visual identity that we’re going to use across the website, social media, advertising and printing. I used Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator for that purpose.

Video Production

Since we decided that we want to push on a lot of video content, I filmed (alongside my business partner) and edited a series of videos (promotional video, treatment videos, testimonials), using Adobe Premiere.

High-Fidelity Prototypes

I created high-fidelity prototypes of the improved UI, using Adobe XD, and I had a final meeting with the team, to discuss additional tweaks and requests that they had.

Once everything was approved, I did the front-end development of the website on WordPress. After a week of launching the updated website, I created a report on the performance of the website, in comparison to the pre-redesign phase.

Project Recap

Since I knew nothing about the aesthetic industry, and the fact that it was predominantly female oriented business, it was a bit of a challenge to get a good grasp on the clinic’s customers in the beginning. Building user profiles alongside the clinic’s aesthetic practitioners however, helped me tremendously with this task and gave me confidence that I’m heading in the right direction.

During the competitor analysis process, I found out that the most successful aesthetic clinics in London rely heavily on presenting tons of good social proof, rather than putting the emphasis on the treatments they do.

At the beginning of our project the average bounce rate for the previous month was 62.96%, after a week of the updated user interface, it went down to 44.42%.

The average number of monthly bookings (via the website) for the 3 months prior to the update was 52, and for the first week after the update, they received 21 inquiries.

The entire project was a great learning opportunity for me. I had to go way out of my comfort zone, in order to get a deep understanding of the aesthetic industry and the way it operates. All the people at Nova were really supportive and trusted my creative process, which allowed me to push my boundaries and create lots of different types of content that clicked really well together.